About KCE

Kavoshgaran Consulting Engineers is one of the oldest consulting companies in the field of geology, mining and mineral industries in Iran, which has been established in 1983 in Tehran.


More than 700 projects in various mining fields on different scales have been completed by Kavoshgaran consulting engineers

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Entering modern fields of mining engineering in Iran, Increasing customer through the expansion of international markets, Production and increasing knowledge and its application in industry in line with modern mining

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First place in geology, First place in prospecting and exploration, Frist place in mining preparation and operation, First place in mineral processing , Third place in basic Metals and Machinery industries

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Member of Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers, Member of Iranian Mining Engineering Organization, Member of Iranian Tunneling Association,

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The services we provide

Kavoshgaran Consulting Engineers with near more than 3 decades of experience in the field of geology, prospecting, exploration, mineral deposit evaluation, extraction, mineral processing, geotechnics, environment, tailing management and mineral process plant construction have worked in near 700 projects as a consultant throughout Iran and neighboring countries.

Geotechnics and Civil Engineering Department

Slope Stability Analysis for Open-pit mines. Underground Spaces Stability (Tunnels, Caverns, and underground mines) Stability of Dams (Tailing Dams) and Civil Structures against Geo hazards and Seismic waves

Geology and Exploration

Geology and exploration, as the first step in mineral exploration, require knowledge and effective methods. Due to the high cost and risk in the exploration phase, using experiences along with the appropriate methods, will minimize costs and risk and make investment decisions easier while achieving high reliability results.

Mineral Processing Industries Department

Subsequent to comprehensive and accurate mineral processing tests in lab, bench and pilot scales on representative samples taken, based on geological and exploration studies and prepared mineralogical characteristics, the modified flowsheet would be designed and used as the basis of material balance calculations and basic/detailed engineering designation of the plants.

Project Management

Supervising the performance of specialized consultants and contractors working in mining, industrial projects, providing infrastructure for projects, etc. in terms of technology, contract, etc. on behalf of the employer

Technical and Economical Evaluation

Economic evaluation in mining and industrial projects includes technical, financial, environmental and sustainable development studies (social, economic and environment). The purpose of this activity is to determine economic value of mining and mineral industries confidently to provide necessary conditions for decision making and projects development.

Mining Engineering Department

Mine design and extraction are engineering activities that play a significant role in societies' quality of life and technology improvement in today's advanced world. Today's complex mining conditions, including fluctuations in mineral prices, increasing depth, minerals grade reduction, and environmental issues, will require the use of new knowledge. 

Modern Technologies

Due to increasing depth of mineral resources, deep mining operation is inevitable. Nowadays, by increasing the cost of deep mining, the use of modern technologies is an important issue to increase productivity and reduce the time. Kavoshgaran Consulting Engineers have utilized modern technologies based on artificial intelligence as a pioneer organization in deep mineral organization. The research and development team of this company is currently conducting a pilot phase of using artificial intelligent methods in mineral extraction and processing operations.

Investment Advisor

Due to the long history of Kavoshgaran Consulting Engineers in the field of exploration and mineral deposit evaluation, using the professional experts with international standards, the company works as a trusted advisor to investors in mining and mineral industries.

Environmental Studies

Kavoshgaran Consulting Engineers have successfully carried out several projects with the help of professional experts and cooperation with top Iranian and international universities in the field of hydrogeology and mine environment studies in Iran and abroad. The company is currently expanding environmental and green mining services.


Kavoshgaran Consulting Engineers having a professional team of geophysical studies, has successfully completed several projects in the field of designing, surveying, processing and interpretation of geophysical data. This organization has a complete equipment of seismology, radar, magnetometry, gravimetry and geoelectric.

Sample Projects

In this section, only a few projects of Kavoshgaran Consulting Engineers which have been done in different fields are introduced. If more information needed you can request a complete resume of company's activities in each of the desired fields from the public relations unit

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  • Technical and Economical Evaluation
  • Mineral Processing Industries
  • Geotechnics
  • Mining Engineering
  • Geology and Exploration
  • Project Management
  • Environmental Studies
  • Modern Technologies
  • Investment Advisor

More projects

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Management team

Mohsen Jamshidi

Vice chairman of the board

Mohammadreza Esfandiari

Chairman of the board

Majid Ghiasi

C.E.O and main member of the board

Armin Hourmazdi

Main member of the board

Mohammad Norouzi

Main member of the board

Mehrdad Ataei

Alternate member of the board


Obtaining employer satisfaction in projects has been one of the factors of our success and continuity of activity for more than 30 years.



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